What are the steps to activate webroot antivirus with www.webroot.com/safe

After buying webroot antivirus you want to begin the process of download webroot from www.Webroot.Com/safe and webroot antivirus installation. After installation, work on the below-mentioned steps for webroot secureanywhere download with key code menu to activate webroot secureanywhere antivirus.

  1. Go to www.Webroot.Com/safe internet site and click on the link activation of webroot subscription.
  2. Enter 20 person Keycode without the hyphen. To activate webroot you need to have valid activation code.
  3. Click on Activate button for webroot subscription activation and flow the process to complete the activation procedure-.
  4. Webroot Keycode after the successful completion.
  5. Allow Webroot to Scan your device for detail of scanning and placing go to www.Webroot.Com/secure

Where to find Webroot key code?

Webroot key code is 20 character alphanumeric code that is written on the backside of the retail card.

Below is the Sample Activation keyCode: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

How do I find my Webroot keycode in the software?

To find your keycode within Webroot SecureAnywhere for Windows PC

  1. Open the main interface.
  2. Click My Account.
  3. A window opens with your keycode and subscription information.

There might be greater other reasons for the failure of a hit installation of software. In that situation, we are able to help you with whole installation and activation the use of key code.

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